Depression Testing and Counselling

* Do you frequently feel sluggish and tired? 

* Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy?

* Do you sometimes wish you just wouldn’t wake up in the morning?

* Do you have trouble sleeping or sleep way too much? 

If you can relate to the questions above, you may have clinical depression. You may have trouble concentrating and find it difficult to make even simple decisions. Maybe you’ve noticed a change in your weight or your appetite. Depression can cause some to overeat therefore put on weight while others have no interest in food. You may also feel irritable or get angry more quickly than usual. Depression effects people in many different ways and it can leave you questioning what’s going on.

You know your body. You can tell something is off but you may feel powerless to change it. Depression is a very powerful force which can consume you and your life before you know it. We tend to write a lot of symptoms off like maybe we’re just stressed out, maybe it’s my thyroid or I just